Missouri State Championship / Meeting 7 pm MO, HARTVILLE

When: 06/22/2018
Location: 5329 Steel Bluff Rd, 65667
Entry: 65.00
Event Type: CH
Added Purse: 2,899.00
Deadline: 08:00 PM
Contact: Mike Hensley 417-840-4327
Contact: George Hicks 417-531-2466
Comments: Missouri State Championship / Meeting 7 pm
Directions: Hwy 5 S of Hartville to Stell Bluff Rd, 1/4 mi on R, the club is across from City park. ADD MONEY HUNT in June: 3020 Old Springfield Rd: take 5 Hwy N off of Hwy 60 go 1/4 M to old Springfield Rd go 3/4 M to hunt
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