Crow Wins Beagle World Championship!

Watertown, TN – The 2011 Beagle World Championship was held in Watertown, TN on March 19th – 20th was a hu

ge success. After 75 entries on Saturday, 21 beagles re-cast on Sunday morning with a shot at the title. Six handlers and their hounds moved on to the semi-finals after the first round. Through warm conditions, Lance's Only Raincrow, owned by Lance Spivey and handled by Michael Sweeton moved on to the two dog final to square off with TK's Rockhill Rambler, owned by Tony Kildow and Troy Buchanan. Wade Hill, Brian Hill, Martin Hill and Raymond Miller judged and cast the two dogs into the 82 degree heat. The two dogs pounded for 45 minutes of the hour cast and when the dust settled, Crow came out victorious by a score of +825 and Rambler finished with +800. The final cast was indeed what the PKC Beagling Sport is all about. Excellent running, great judges and two top notch PKC beagles made for a fantastic finale! Congrats to Sweeton, Spivey and Crow for winning the PKC World Championship! With the win, $1500 was awarded along with a year supply of Purina dog feed, a Diamond Deluxe Dog Box and a Tracker Maxima Complete with two collars. A special thanks goes out to Rod Moore and Purina, Warren Brown and Jackson Creek Manufacturing/Diamond Deluxe, and Tracker for sponsoring the 2011 PKC Beagle World Championship! Creekside Beagle Club did a fantastic job of putting this hunt on! Congrats to the following hounds and their owners for finishing at the top this year:

1st Place –
Lance's Only Raincrow.....Lance Spivey and Michael Sweeton.....TN.....$1500

2nd Place –
TK's Rockhill Rambler.....Tony Kildow and Troy Buchanan.....AR/MO.....$700

3rd Place –
Coleman's Ginger by Tuff.....Frank and Luke Coleman.....VA.....$500

4th Place –
Coleman's Chicken On Chain.....Frank and Josh Coleman.....VA.....$300

5th Place –
TN's All Color Yankee.....Wade and Martin Hill.....TN

6th Place –
Socks.....Michael Sweeton and Jim Landers.....TN

7th Place –
Pigg Hollow Flatrock Radio.....Kenny Burk.....TN

8th Place –
Hall's Talkabout Daisy.....Kevin Hall.....IL

9th Place –
Pillar's Little Bonnie.....Harold Pillar.....KS

10th Place –
TK's Rockhill Razorback.....Tony and Cally Kildow.....AR

11th Place –
Pillar's Mike.....Harold Pillar.....KS

12th Place –
Super Sport Too Kool King.....RJ and Lance Spivey.....TN

The first sanctioned PKC World Bench Show was held Saturday afternoon. Congrats to John Queen and Ohio Sugar Run's Triple X for becoming the first PKC Beagle Bench World Champion. John won $300 and Triple X became the first ever PKC Beagle Bench Champion. Congrats to the Best Female, Pillar's Little Bonnie, owned by Harold Pillar and shown by Lance Spivey and the Best Puppy, Carlin's Pipsqeek, owned by Jon Carlin. The Show Director, Brian Hill and his team of judges: Norman Hall, Earl Meade III and Wade Hill did a great job!

The whole entire weekend was family friendly and went very smoothly. Everybody in attendance needs to be commended for their Sportsmanship! $5,000 was paid out over the weekend and there was not a single protest or argument. The PKC Beagle Program speaks for itself.

Congratulations to EVERYONE!!!!!

“PKC” – “THE” place to be!!!!!