Heart Attack wins Walker Championship!

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By Steve Fielder

DuQuoin, IL – In most circles, a heart attack is a bad thing. It’s hard to imagin e anything good coming of things when one occurs. Usually, when a heart attack happens, there’s serious damage done. The smallest of elements can bring the entire system to a sudden and deadly halt.

In the big leagues of competitive raccoon hunting, hunters understand that concept, especially if they have drawn a very small Treeing Walker female out of Oklahoma that carries the name - Heart Attack. They know the serious damage she can do to one’s dream of a major title. As a year old pup, she won the PKC Junior Super Stakes Championship and second place in the prestigious PKC World hunt in a scant six days time. Members of her casts well remember the results of hunting against her.

Last night T. John Treadwell released the pup out of Rat Attack with the big heart with the expected result. The Final Four in the 2004 PKC Walker Championship was a star-studded cast that included a 2003 PKC World Hunt finalist, Richard’s Sam; the recent PKC Pro Division Champion, Southern Pines Mo; and an extremely talented PKC Gold Champion, Mister Jack. Heart Attack scored 150 plus, 25 more than Jack to take home the 2004 Walker Championship crown in a cast that consisted of two coons treed and one caught on the ground. Here’s the way they hunted and how they finished last night in DuQuoin:

1st Place and 2004 PKC Walker Champion
PCH Heart Attack
Treeing Walker female
John T. Treadwell, owner
T. John Treadwell, handler
150 plus

2nd Place
GCH Mister Jack
Treeing Walker male
Phil Griffeth, owner
Randy Booth, handler
125 plus

3rd Place
SCH Richard’s Sam
Treeing Walker male
Richard or Richard, owners
Forest Richard, III, handler
100 plus

4th Place
PCH Southern Pines Mo
Treeing Walker male
Cross or Walker or Smith, owners
Ronnie Smith, handler
75 minus

Photo - Front row, left to right are T. John Treadwell with Heart Attack, first; Randy Booth with Mister Jack, second; Ronnie Smith with Southern Pines Mo, fourth; and Forest Richard, III with Richard's Sam, third. Back row left to right are Judge Chris Saunders, Debbie Griffeth, and Guide Dale Hicks.

"All the winners. All the time!"

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